Season Nine

9X01: Nothing Important Happened Today ~ Air Date - November 11, 2001

Carl Wormus, a water expert for the Environmental Protection Agency drinks alone in a bar in Baltimore, when a dark haired woman approaches him and begins discussing the ice in his drink. Wormus tells her the government adds Chloramine to the water, but that it is not as healthy as they claim. He leaves the bar with the woman and drives away. As they approach an open drawbridge over the Potomac, the woman forces the car off the road. Wormus struggles free, but is grabbed and pulled to the bottom of the river. Reyes meets with a new Assistant Director, Brad Follmer, a former boyfriend while at the New York office. He gives her surveillance tape footage of the FBI garage which does not support Doggett's version of events. With all the evidence gone, Doggett seeks Mulder's advice on how to proceed, however his apartment is empty. He goes to see Scully, who tells him Mulder is gone. Doggett suspects someone got to him, and Assistant Director Skinner warns Doggett to drop his investigation of Deputy Director Kersh. While putting baby William down for a nap, Scully notices the mobile over his bed moving by itself, concerned she calls Doggett and asks him to keep the investigation on-going. Doggett summons her to Quantico to autopsy Wormus, after someone left his obituary outside the X-files basement offices. She finds fingerprints on Wormus' ankle, which indicate he was held down until he drowned. Doggett enlists the help of the Lone Gunman to hack in to Wormus' computer, all of the files are about water. An e-mail address leads Doggett to the Maryland water plant, pursued by AD Follmer, trying to rein in his investigation. Part One of Two

9X02: Nothing Important Happened Today II ~ Air Date - November 18, 2001

Both Reyes and Assistant Director Skinner are called to Assistant Director Follmer's office, having been unable to find Doggett, he reins in their involvement in the investigation instead, warning Reyes to distance herself from Doggett to save her career. Doggett wakes up in his apartment to find Sharon McMahon there. She had pulled him down in the water tank the night before. She explains that like Knowle Rohrer, she was transformed in to a Super Solider, but she hates what she has become and wants Doggett to help her expose the men who are altering the water supply. AD Skinner questions Scully about helping Doggett's investigation, after expressly requesting that he not get involved. Scully admits that she is concerned that something is happening to baby William, she does not want to involve Mulder because she knows he will return and put himself in danger. Scully goes to Doggett's apartment at his request. There McMahon explains that Chloramine is being added to the water supply, however it's molecular structure has been altered to promote mutations, that will breed a new generation of Super Soldiers. Doggett is summoned to AD Follmer's office and suspended from the X-files. The Lone Gunman contact Reyes after a wiretap of the EPA's phone system reveals a Captain of a ship trying to contact Wormus. Reyes also discovers that McMahon works for the justice department and warns Doggett and Scully not to trust her. Scully, Reyes and Doggett go to the Baltimore docks to inspect the ship, they find evidence of the manipulation of ova for transplantation, but are unable to investigate further before the ship blows up destroying the evidence. Part Two of Two

9X03: Dæmonicus ~ Air Date - December 2, 2001

In Weston, West Virginia, Evelyn and Darren Mountjoy sit playing scrabble in their home when the lights suddenly go out. Darren orders his wife to the basement as he loads his gun. In the darkness, he sees an intruder and fires, only to find it is his wife, her hands and mouth bound with duck tape. He begins to hear voices whispering and two men with demonic faces jump him. Next morning, Doggett and Reyes examine the crime scene, the couple's bodies are sat in their chair, the gun in Evelyn's hand and on the scrabble board the word 'DAEMONICUS,' meaning demon possession. While Doggett assumes it is some kind of satanic ritual, Reyes feels there is more to it, especially when three snakes squirm out of the bullet holes in Evelyn's chest. Scully on assignment as an instructor at Quantico, is asked by Reyes to perform the autopsies. She determines that Darren was tricked into shooting his wife and was then held in the chair and shot. The snakes were sown in to Evelyn's body post-mortem, seeming to prove the murders were man made as Doggett thought. Reyes and Doggett are contacted about an escaped patient from the local mental institute. Richman, a former doctor who killed his patients, had no knowledge of satanic rituals, however there is a possible accomplice; one of the hospital guards is also missing. They question Josef Kobold, the patient in the next cell to Richman in hope of discovering more, however Kobold's cryptic answers lead them to believe that he knows more than he is letting on. The question is, is Kobold a master manipulator using others to do his bidding or is there something far more sinister about him.

9X04: Hellbound ~ Air Date - January 27, 2002

At an anger management meeting for ex-cons in Novi, Virginia, Ed Kelso voices his unhappiness with the group, trying to change men who will always be what they are. After the meeting, he badgers his buddy, Victor Potts, who suddenly has a vision of Kelso with his skin removed. When Potts is found skinned alive five days later, Reyes briefs Doggett and Scully on the case, explaining that Potts had a premonition of his death. Both Doggett and Scully wonder why this is an X-file, Reyes is unsure, but feels she must solve the case. Back in Quantico, Scully researches all records of cases involving skinning; one that occurred in 1960 matches the manner in which Potts was killed. Scully interviews Dr. Mueller, the retired coronor who performed the autopsy at the time. He explains that as the victim was never identified and no suspect arrested. The case was dropped by the local sheriff, who later committed suicide. However, the victim was only the first in a string of four murders. When a second member of the anger management group, Terry Pruit is found skinned alive, Reyes is disturbed having seen the body in a dream. Scully informs her of the previous murders. Kelso having known both victims is taken in to custody. Reyes questions him, though he is not guilty of the crimes, he too has seen visions of skinned bodies. Scully having exhumed two bodies of the 1960 victims, both ex-cons, finds the same forensic details as the current murders. And discovers that the dates the two 1960 victims died on are the birth dates of both Potts and Pruit. Reyes is convinced she is connected to the case in some way, but can she figure out how before two more victims are murdered?

9X05: 4-D ~ Air Date - December 9, 2001

As part of a serial killer investigation, Reyes stakes out an apartment building while Doggett and Assistant Director Follmer monitor from a van outside. The suspect, Lukesh enters the building, but senses that something is wrong. As he leaves, Reyes follows him and is attacked. Moments later Doggett and AD Follmer find Reyes with her throat cut. Doggett chases down Lukesh, cornering him in a dead end alley, but suddenly he vanishes. Doggett moves in to the alley and Lukesh appears behind him. As Doggett turns, Lukesh fires. Meanwhile, an unharmed Reyes is unpacking boxes in her new apartment when Doggett arrives. Suddenly the phone rings, it is Assistant Director Skinner, informing her that Doggett has been shot. A confused Reyes turns to find that Doggett has vanished. Scully and AD Follmer meet Reyes at the hospital and take her to see a comatosed Doggett. Reyes is still confused having just seen him in her apartment. Scully tells Reyes about her own vision of her father at the moment of his death. The situation takes a twist when the ballistic results show that the bullets were fired from Reyes' gun and a witness comes forward claiming to have seen her shoot Doggett, the witness is Lukesh. However, further tests prove her gun had not been fired and AD Skinner's phone call places her 14 miles from the scene. Suspicion turns to Lukesh, especially when Doggett regains consciousness and gives his name. He is also surprised to see Reyes, having seen her throat cut by Lukesh. Leading Reyes to conclude that Lukesh is somehow able to transverse parallel universes and that Doggett must have followed him through. But how can they return things to normal?

9X06: Lord of the Flies ~ Air Date - December 16, 2001

Reyes and Doggett travel to Ocean county, New Jersey at the request of the local medical examiner, who is unable to ascertain the cause of death of Cap'n Dare, who died while doing a stunt for the local cable access show, Dumb Ass. As they examine the body, Reyes notices movement under the eyelid when suddenly flies swarm out. Scully is called in for her medical expertise and concludes that the flies fed at such a furious rate which caused the head to collapse from within. Scully consults with an entomologist, Dr. Rocky Bronzino, on the case while Doggett and Reyes interview David Winkle, aka Sky Commander Winky, producer of Dumb Ass, accusing him of killing his friend in a bid to sell the show to the networks, which he denies. As they interrogate him, he is attacked by lice, spelling out Dumb Ass in welts on his back. Dr. Bronzino discovers that the flies that attacked Cap'n Dare were all female, suggesting that hormones could have been used to trigger the attack. Doggett reviews the Dumb Ass video and notices one boy, Dylan Lokensgard present for every stunt, and that he had an apparent altercation with David Winkle just before he was attacked. They question him, however his mother Anne Lokensgard a school administrator, refuses to let the interrogation continue. Moments later Dylan is covered in flies. By the time the paramedics arrive the flies have gone, they examine Dylan, but he is unharmed. Reyes believes that Dylan staged the attack to make him look like a victim rather than the perpetrator. Dr. Bronzino analyses a tissue Dylan used to wipe away sweat and discovers it contains bug hormones. Leading Reyes to conclude Dylan is directing the bugs to do his bidding.

9X07: John Doe ~ Air Date - January 13, 2002

Mexican police pick up Doggett, who is suffering from amnesia. With no papers and no knowledge of where he is, how he got there or even what his name is, they lock him up. A fellow inmate, Domingo Salmeron informs Doggett he is in Sangradura, Mexico and that the only Americans that normally come to town, are criminals on the run. Domingo bails Doggett out of jail and in return Doggett goes to work for him, smuggling immigrants across the US border. Back in Washington, Assistant Director Skinner updates Deputy Director Kersh on the situation. Agent Reyes is in Mexico investigating Doggett's disappearance. Doggett had been in Texas investigating the disappearance of Hollis Rice, a bank vice president and was last seen crossing the border in to Mexico. Deputy Director Kersh wants it turned over to the Mexican authorities to investigate. Meanwhile, Doggett has realized from his tattoo that he is a former marine and makes a call to the Marine Corps Public Affairs office pretending to be a Mexican police officer trying to identify someone suffering from amnesia. However Domingo believing he has discovered who Doggett is, produces a flyer describing Henry Bruck, an American wanted for murder, and the description matches Doggetts. Scully disregards Kersh's orders and joins Reyes in her search in Mexico having learned that someone enquired about a former marine matching Doggett's description. The call was traced to a small Mexican town called Sangradura. Doggett confronts Domingo about what he knows after one of his men attempted to kill him, Domingo tells Doggett he is one of the disappeared ones. The cartel took his memory and that it can not be retrieved.

9X08: Trust No 1 ~ Air Date - January 6, 2002

Scully logs on to a private mailbox in an Internet cafe to find a message from Mulder, expressing his wish to return to her and baby William. Before Scully can reply she notices a woman with a baby come in to the cafe, the woman leaves her baby alone as she argues with a man outside before returning. When Scully arrives at Quantico, both Doggett and Reyes are there to speak to her. An anonymous source has been trying to contact Mulder with information about the Super Soldiers, but will only deal with Mulder. They ask Scully if she can get word to Mulder, but she tells them she has no way of contacting Mulder. Doggett is annoyed that Scully will not trust him. That evening Scully sees the woman from the cafe on her street, the man she was arguing with takes her baby and drives off. Concerned for the woman who is called Patti, Scully offers her a bed for the night. Meanwhile, Doggett and Reyes are on a stake out having traced the anonymous source's telephone call to an address. When a man comes out of the building, they follow him. At Scully's apartment Patti goes in to William's room, she switches off the baby monitor and picks him up. Scully is awoken by a call from Doggett, the man they tailed is at her apartment. Scully finds Patti holding William and pulls a gun on her. While Doggett and Reyes tackle the man, who it turns out is Patti's husband. He works for the National Security Agency and has been watching Scully. Patti says that just like William, their daughter is different. Her husband confided in his supervisor at the NSA, who told him the children were linked to the Super Soldier program, they had wanted Mulder to uncover the truth. But is there more to their story?

9X09: Underneath ~ Air Date - March 31, 2002

In a flashback to 1989, Bob Fassl a cable repairman sits in his van. A voice tells him to, 'do his job', after kissing his rosary he gets out and goes in to house his van is parked outside of. When neighbors hear screams, they call the NYPD. The responding officers, one of them Doggett, find a mother, father and daughter murdered and Fassl alone in the house. Present day, Doggett is furious to learn that Fassl is being released. The DNA evidence was re-tested using modern techniques and cleared Fassl of being the "screwdriver killer". Doggett is convinced they arrested the right man, even when Scully verifies the DNA results. He asks Scully and Reyes to go to New York with him to investigate. Shortly after Fassl is released from the Sing Sing prison, he sees a mysterious bearded man in the crowded streets. That night while staying at his lawyer's house, the words, 'kill her' appear in blood on the wall. And the bearded man appears in his room, Fassl begs the man not to hurt Fain, his lawyer. He is relived next morning when Fain explains she had been out that night seeing another client. Reyes interviews the Sing Sing prison superintendent, who informs her that Fassl was suspected of murdering a fellow inmate while he was inside. However, security camera footage showed a bearded man, who did not match any prison inmate so the investigation was dropped. Meanwhile, Scully discovers that though the DNA does not match Fassl's, it is so similar it must be a blood relative. Only one problem; Fassl is an only child. Reyes informs Doggett about the bearded man, he does not appear in the known offender database. She believes that he is the one responsible for the murders, but what is his connection to Fassl?

9X10: Provenance ~ Air Date - March 3, 2002

Border police chase a motorcyclist who illegally crossed from Canada to North Dakota. He loses control and crashes into a ravine, next to his crumpled body lie rubbings of the same symbols found on the spacecraft in Africa. Next morning, Scully is called to Deputy Director Kersh's office, also present are Assistant Directors Skinner and Follmer. They show her the rubbings and ask if she recognises them, though she does, Scully denies knowledge. Back in X-files basement office, Scully finds the old case file with the rubbings she took from the spacecraft in Africa still inside. At Scully's request, Doggett travels to the crash site in North Dakota, Follmer is already leading the investigation and is surprised to see Doggett there, warning him not to interfere in the case. Unseen, the motorcyclist crawls out of hiding and he has burns on his body. He removes a metal object from his pocket that has the same symbols as the rubbings on it and his burns begin to heal. Reyes studies the rubbings from the old case file and questions Scully about them, she explains the spacecraft contained passages from all religious texts, bringing in to question everything mankind believes. Doggett, meanwhile, discovers that the motorcyclist is undercover FBI Agent Comer, sent to infiltrate a UFO cult. He also has the new rubbings, which do not match the previous ones, leading them to believe the cult has found a second spacecraft. Scully returns home to find Comer about to suffocate William, she shoots him and then questions him, he tells her the cult wants William dead. She calls on the Lone gunman to protect William, however, shortly afterwards Doggett is knocked down by a car and the driver kidnaps William from the Lone Gunman at gunpoint. Part One of Two

9X11: Providence ~ Air Date - March 10, 2002

Zeke Josepho standing over the unearthed spacecraft recalls a moment during Desert Storm, when his unit was overrun by Iraqi troops. As he lay wounded and alone, four soldiers ran towards the Iraqi position, bullets that struck them had no affect. They threw grenades and the building exploded before they withdrew unharmed. Joseph realized he had been saved for a reason, to deliver a message from the "God who came before all other Gods", who sent those men to save him. At the FBI, the Lone Gunmen look at mug shots to identify the woman who took William. Assistant Director Follmer briefs the task force investigation the kidnapping, but Scully considers his handling of the investigation a sham. Meanwhile, Reyes and Assistant Director Skinner watch over Doggett, who is in a coma at St. Mary's Hospital. Scully calls Reyes to come to her apartment, where the Lone Gunmen have identified the woman who took William. Via the mobile phone Byers had placed in William's car seat, they trace her to Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania. However, when they get there, they find the car with the seat inside, but no sign of William. Back at St. Mary's Hospital Follmer approaches Reyes, he admits there are forces within the FBI that are working against them, but that he is on her side. Josepho contacts Scully and tells her to come alone to meet him in a diner just outside of Calgary, Canada. He tells her that he believes that William will be the leader of an alien race that will colonize the Earth. When Josepho leaves, the Lone Gunmen track his car, guiding Scully to his location. She arrives in time to see the spacecraft fly off leaving a fireball in its wake. All of the cult members lie dead, but she finds William unharmed. Part Two of Two

9X12: Scary Monsters ~ Air Date - April 4, 2002

When eight year old Tommy Conlon hears scratching from under his bed, he calls his father, who checks under the bed. Something moves across the floor, but Conlon assures his son it is nothing and leaves. Tommy hears the noise and makes for the door, but his father is holding it closed. In Quantico Scully is approached by Agent Leyla Harrison about a case she thinks might be an X-File. Tomner's report shows that the mother stabbed herself sixteen times. Leyla does not tell Doggett and Reyes this when she approaches them to investigate the case. When they arrive, Conlon does not want them to speak with his son, but Tommy hearing voices comes outside. Leyla asks him about what he said to his grandmother about monsters, but he replies that there are no monsters. Leyla feels foolish and apologizes to Conlon, however both Doggett and Reyes are suspicious. As they leave to get a search warrant, the car will not start and they are showered with blood from the air vents. In the house Tommy tells his father the monsters won't let them leave. Back in Washington Leyla's friend, Gabe Rotter, arrives at Scully's apartment with a dead cat, dug up from the Conlon's previous house. Scully's autopsy reveals the cat chewed it's own stomach as if trying to get something out. Leading her to believe there is more to the case than she first thought. Doggett and Reyes reached the same conclusion when they find Conlon holding his son's bedroom door closed. Inside they find three creatures scurrying across the floor. Conlon tells them the creatures will not hurt Tommy, but that they will kill everyone else.

9X13: Audrey Pauley ~ Air Date - March 17, 2002

Reyes drops Doggett of at his house on the way home, they say goodnight. At the next junction her car is hit by another vehicle. Reyes is rushed to hospital. Reyes wakes up and is all alone, there are no doctors or nurses around. She gets up and walks to the entrance and discovers the hospital building is floating in a dark void. Back in to the hospital, Reyes meets another patient, Stephen Murdoch, he introduces her to another patient, Mr. Barreiro. Both he had Murdoch believe they are dead. Reyes can not accept this and wanders the hospital, she notices that there are no signs on the walls and all the charts are gibberish. At the hospital Reyes is in a coma, attached to a ventilator. Dr Preijers tells Doggett that Reyes signed an organ donor card, but Doggett refuses to give up on her. Reyes spots a woman in the hospital, but she disappears in to a wall. Reyes returns to see Mr Barreiro's body start to spark and then fade away. Reyes tells Murdoch that she does not think they are dead. Meanwhile, Dr. Preijers turns off Mr Barreiro's life support machine and comforts his family. The woman Reyes saw watches him. She is a patient's aid called Audrey Pauley. Doggett pleads with Scully to help buy time for Reyes, he points out her EEG chart showed brain activity when she arrived in the hospital. He returns to Reyes' room and finds Audrey there and she tells him Reyes' soul has not left. Doggett laments he wished he could talk to her. Audrey leaves the room and goes down to the basement, in her room is a small scale model of the hospital. Reyes sees Audrey who tells her that her friend loves her before leaving. Doggett suspects there is something sinister going on, but can he discover what in time to save Reyes?

9X14: Improbable ~ Air Date - April 7, 2002

At a casino bar sits Mr. Burt, casually playing solitaire with a pack of cards. He nonchalantly says to the bartender, 'Seven seven, pack of Morleys'. Another patron approaches the bar and orders exactly that. Mr Burt strikes up a one way conversation with Mad Wayne, who is watching a woman on the slot machines. She goes to the toilet and Mad Wayne gets up to follow. Mr. Burt cautions him not to do what he is about to do. A few minutes later, a lady comes screaming from the bathroom that a woman has been murdered. At the bar Mr. Burt turns over a card to reveal the Ace of Spades, the death card. In the X-files basement office, Reyes reads about the casino murder in the paper when Scully enters. She shows Scully details of the victim and of two other murder cases, which she has linked using numerology. Although Scully dismisses numerology as child's game, she notices each victim has the same faint mark on their bodies. Mad Wayne dresses in his apartment and notices Mr. Burt outside working a Three-Card Monte scam. He accosts M. Burt threatening him to stop following him, though Mr. Burt dismisses this telling him it does not fit his pattern. He warns Mad Wayne to choose better. The FBI are pleased with Reyes on cracking the serial killer case, however her insistence on the case revolving around numerology and her use of the services of a numerologist, Vicki Burdick who becomes Mad Wayne's latest victim, causes friction with the head of the behavioral science office agent Fordyce. Reyes' theory is given more credence when Scully discovers the mark on the victims are from a ring with 666 on it and Doggett notices on a map that the path of the murders forms the number 6. But what is Mr. Burt's part in all this?

9X15: Jump the Shark ~ Air Date - April 21, 2002

When former Area 51 employee Morris Fletcher gets in to trouble with a client he was scamming, he calls on the X-files team for protection in return for information. Doggett and Reyes are less than impressed with him, until he claims to be able to help them catch a super solider. They approach the Lone Gunman for assistance in tracking down the suspect super solider, a woman who is known to the Lone Gunman. Yves Adele Harlow, a former acquaintance who disappeared. They dispute that she is a super solider and question the source of the information. When they find out it is Morris Fletcher, whom they have also encountered before, they tell Doggett and Reyes his lies can not be trusted. However, a former associate of the Lone Gunman, Jimmy Bond turns up, having trailed Yves around the world, with news that Yves killed, Professor Houghton, a prominent immunologist in New Jersey. They join forces to track her down. Doggett and Reyes talk to the pathologist who autopsied Professor Houghton, determining he was killed with a poisoned pellet and that the incision in his chest occured post mortem. His chest showed signs of previous surgery, but unlike any conventional surgery. Cartilage had been grafted in to his body, which appeared to have held something inside. They confront Morris Fletcher who claims no knowledge of Yves's activities. The Lone Gunman track Yves's car using traffic cameras and confront her at the Hotel Farragut. She convinces them that she is not a super solider. She is hunting down sleeper agents with a deadly viral agent implanted in their bodies to target scientist vital to America's anti-biological terrorism project at their convention, and she needs their help to stop them.

9X16: William ~ Air Date - April 28, 2002

When a mysterious disfigured man attacks Doggett in the X-files basement office, he manages to capture the man who claims that he has been sent by Mulder to retrieve X-files case files pertaining to his condition. The man, Daniel Miller, claims that he is the victim of experiments run by the same people responsible for the government conspiracy about extra terrestrials. When captured, he had Mulder's sister's X-files case file on him. Scully arranges for him to be transferred to Quantico so that she can examine him. He claims his disfigurement is dues to injections administered to him and requests Scully's help to make the men who did it to him pay. When a background check on him comes up with nothing, Doggett becomes convinced that the man is Mulder. Scully refutes this telling Doggett before he left, Mulder had Scully remove the X-Files case files Daniel was looking for from the X-files basement office. If he was Mulder, he would have known she had the case files in her apartment. She confides in Daniel that they know he gave a false identity, and he tells her people within the FBI, the same people who want Mulder dead would kill him if his true identity were known. Scully takes him in to protective custody at her apartment. Assistant Director Skinner calls Doggett to his office when DNA test results match with Mulder's, convincing both Doggett and Reyes that the man is indeed Mulder. Scully, however, remains adamant that it is not Mulder. As she has spent time with him and knows he is not the man she loves. However, he does appear to have intimate information about Mulder and Scully's life. And it soon becomes clear that his interest in baby William is the real reason for his appearance.

9X17: Release ~ Air Date - May 5, 2002

When Doggett receives an anonymous tip about a murder, he discovers a woman's body in a freshly plastered wall at the location he was given. Scully autopsies the unidentified woman and one of the FBI cadets present, Rudolph Hayes, appears very perceptive about the murder. He recounts details that help to ID the woman, he is also adamant that the man who killed her has killed before. When Scully discovers a link to an earlier murder, Reyes and Doggett question Hayes. They thank him for the information he gave that was used to produce a profile of the killer. When Doggett asks Hayes how he knew about the case, he tells them that he sees things. He also tells them that the profile they have is wrong and gives them his profile of the killer. Using the profile, Reyes and Doggett question Nicolas Regali, a local mob enforcer about his whereabouts at the times of the two recent murders. However, Regali is not very forth coming, leading them to believe they have the right man. Given his invaluable assistance on the case, Doggett requests Hayes look at another case, the unsolved murder of his son Luke. However, Hayes already knows about the case. He takes Doggett to his apartment and shows him pictures on the wall of unsolved murders, including Luke's. He tells Doggett it is where he gets his information, by staring at the pictures until they talk to him. Doggett warns Hayes he might be a little crazy. Hayes shows him a picture of one of the suspects in his son's case, Bon Harvey and informs Doggett that he was the one who took Luke, but he did not kill him. The person who killed Luke is the same person who killed the two women recently, giving Doggett a glimmer of hope that he might finally be able to lay his son to rest.

9X18: Sunshine Days ~ Air Date - May 12, 2002

When a young man is killed while breaking in to a house he claims is exactly like the house on the TV show, 'The Brady Bunch', Doggett and Reyes are called in by Scully after his body showed signs of residual electricity hours after death. Michael Daley, who witnessed his friend's death, shows them to the house that they broke in to. However, the interior of the house does not resemble the Brady Bunch in any way and the owner, Oliver Martin claims no knowledge of a break in. Despite these facts, Doggett spots that the roof of the house has recently been patched, raising suspicions. Which are later confirmed when Michael Daley is killed that night while trying to break in to the house again to prove his story. A background check on Oliver Martin uncovers the fact that his real name is Anthony Fogelman, who as a young boy was the subject of a study by parapsychologist, Dr. John Rietz, into his apparent psychokinetic powers. They track down Dr. Rietz and interview him, he recounts Anthony's remarkable abilities to Scully, Doggett and Reyes. Anthony could move objects with the power of his mind in one of the most documented cases of psychokinesis, however, his abilities faded and Dr. Rietz lost contact with him. He assures them that the Anthony he knew would never harm anyone and volunteers to help them to confront him. Doggett is astounded when they enter the house to find it looks like the interior of The Brady Bunch house. Dr. Rietz pursuades Anthony to demonstrate his power, leaving Scully, Doggett and Reyes marvelling at his ability to alter reality and the possibility that he could provide concrete proof of the paranormal and vindication all of their work on the X-files.

9X19: The Truth ~ Air Date - May 19, 2002

Armed with a keycard, Mulder gains access to Mount Weather, a secret government facility, looking for further evidence of the ongoing conspiracy. After locating a computer terminal, Mulder use the password he was given to unlock a file detailing the final stages of the alien colonisation, the date is set....12/22/2012. Mulder is interrupted by Knowle Rohrer, who chases him through the facility. In the ensuing struggle, Rohrer falls on to high voltage lines, but Mulder is captured by armed guards. Because Mount Weather is under military jurisdiction, Mulder faces murder charges in front of a military tribunal, headed by Deputy Director Kersh. Assistant Director Skinner informs Scully of Mulder's predicament. She is at first grateful for his return, then horrified by the prospects of him facing a death sentence if convicted. Doggett and Reyes are incredulous about the murder charges, as they know that Rohrer is an alien replicant/super solider. They are further frustrated when the military gives them the run around on the whereabouts of Rohrer's body. Mulder has no illusions that his trial is a farce and that the verdict has already been decided, however he asks AD Skinner to defend him. They realize their only hope is to use the trial to prove the existence of a government conspiracy involving aliens and that Mulder was at Mount Weather investigating this. AD Skinner calls Scully to testify about being assigned to the X-files to keep an eye on Mulder. She tells them she is a believer after nine years of investigating. Doggett testifies about his involvement in the X-files, however, his lack of belief in the alien conspiracy does not help. Reyes' testimony is more helpful, however lacking concrete proof of a conspiracy works against Mulder, until they locate Marita Covarubias, who was employed by the conspiracy in her capacity at the UN. However, knowing that her testimony will lead to her death at the hands of the conspiracy, Mulder refuses to let her testify. Meanwhile, Gibson Praise, who had been hiding Mulder in Mexico since he left the X-Files, travels to Washington to help defend him. Mulder does not want him to, but AD Skinner allows Gibson to testify. Gibson identifies one of the tribunal members as an alien replicant. Doggett finally manages to track down Rohrer's body and Scully's autopsy proves that it is not Rohrer. If Rohrer is not dead, then the charges against Mulder are false. However, the tribunal finds Mulder guilty and sentences him to death by lethal injection. AD Skinner and Doggett take matters in to their own hands, springing Mulder from his cell. To their surprise they are helped off the base by Deputy Director Kersh. With Mulder and Scully finally reunited, they head off to New Mexico in search of the truth. Doggett and Reyes return to Washington to find the X-Files have been closed once and for all. Mulder and Scully arrive at an old Anasazi site searching for a wise man who knows the final truth, which turns out to be the Cigarette Smoking Man. It was him that sent Mulder the Mount Weather keycard and password, so he would know that the date it set and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Mulder and Scully leave just as black helicopters arrive and destroy the area, killing the Cigarette Smoking Man. They hide out in a hotel in Roswell, Mulder laments that his work on the X-Files was ultimately for nothing and with the X-files closed their avenues for exposing the truth are limited. Mulder and Scully commit themselves to find a way to resist and save humanity.