Season Four

4x01: Herrenvolk ~ Air Date - October 4, 1996

Having located Jeremiah Smith, Mulder and Scully are forced to protect him from an old adversary, the alien bounty hunter. Mulder escapes with Jeremiah Smith, who is their only link to uncovering the truth about an alien colonization plan and Mulder's only hope of saving his mother's life. Meanwhile, Assistant Director Skinner's investigation uncovers five identical men named Jeremiah Smith across the country. Scully discovers evidence that these men have been using the Smallpox eradication program to secretly cataloguing the human race. But why? Jeremiah Smith takes Mulder to a remote farming estate in Canada, where Mulder sees clones of his sister, Smantha at the age she was abducted. Jeremiah Smith tells him that they are a colony of worker drones. But before he can reveal the colonization plans the alien bounty hunter arrives and Mulder watches on helpless as Jeremiah Smith is killed. Meanwhile, the Cigarette Smoking Man's own investigation identifies X as a traitor. He is gunned down in Mulder's apartment and leaves Mulder one final ambiguous clue, which leads him to a contact in the United Nations, Marita Covarrubias. She denies all knowledge of the colony Jeremiah Smith showed Mulder as she hands him a folder containing photographs of the colony. The Cigarette Smoking Man has the alien bounty hunter heal Mulder's mother, concerned that Mulder would be far more dangerous to their plans if he had nothing left to loose. Part Two of Two

4x02: Unruhe ~ Air Date - October 11, 1996

When a young woman is kidnapped and her boyfriend murdered in North Michigan, passport photographs taken moments before reveal nightmarish images of the woman. Mulder is fascinated by the pictures, believing them to be evidence of psychic photograph, images created on film by the power of the mind. The victim is soon found alive, but lobotomized and unable to do anything but repeat the word 'unruhe', German for unrest. A second victim is taken and Scully makes the break though and arrests a suspect, Gerry Schnauz, a paranoid schizophrenic who spent time in an institution following an attack on his father brought on by his sister's suicide. He blames the incident on 'howlers', evil spirits that live in people's minds. He thinks he is saving the women he lobotomizes them from the howlers. Mulder shows Gerry the photographs, he is shocked by the sight of his paranoid delusions captured on film and admits to the crimes, telling them where the second victim is. She too has been lobotomized, but the hunter becomes the hunted, as Gerry kills a prison guard and escapes taking Scully captive. Mulder's only hope of saving her is to study the photographs to get inside Gerry's mind. Meanwhile, Scully uses her own knowledge of Gerry's psychosis and German to try to talk Gerry out of 'saving' her from the howlers. But Gerry seems more concerned with the camera he has. All the photographs he takes show him lying dead on the floor. Moments later Mulder arrives and shoots Gerry dead.

4x03: Home ~ Air Date - October 18, 1996

When the body of a malformed newborn baby is found in a shallow grave in the small town of Home in Pennsylvania, Local Sheriff Andy Taylor unused to such things requests the help of the FBI and Mulder and Scully are assigned to investigate. Neither of them believe the case is an X-file, until they examine the baby and discover it is has multiple genetic deformities. They come across the Peacock clan, a local family which years of inbreeding has deformed their bodies and souls in to something sub human. Down to just three brothers, Mulder and Scully suspect the brothers have kidnapped a woman and are forcing her to bear their children. They visit the Peacock residence and find evidence that confirms that the baby was born in the house although they can find no sign of a woman being held captive. That night the Peacock brothers leave their home and go to the Sheriff's house, where they murder Andy Taylor and his wife in a vicious attack. The deputy sheriff discovers the bodies the next morning and joins Mulder and Scully as they storm the Peacock house. But the Peacocks are ready to defend their home and the deputy sheriff is killed by a trap. Mulder and Scully distract the Peacock brothers by releasing their pigs from the pen and while they are rounding up the pigs, Mulder and Scully enter the house. They discover that the mother of the deformed baby is not a woman being held captive, but the Mrs. Peacock, a multiple amputee and mother of the three Peacock brothers.

4x04: Teliko ~ Air Date - October 27, 1996

When a joint FBI/Police task force investigating the deaths of four black men in Philadelphia turns up no leads Assistant Director Skinner contacts Agent Scully. He shows her photographs of the latest victim and Scully notes that the man has lost all the pigmentation in his skin. The Center for Disease Control would like Scully, with her medical background, to investigate whether the men are the victims of a new pathogen. Scully performs an autopsy on the latest victim, which reveals that his pituitary gland has been destroyed. Mulder, however, believes there is more to the case than a disease. He contacts Marita Covarrubias in the United Nations who puts him in touch with Minister Diabira from Burkina Faso, West Africa. Diabira covered up a recent similar death on an international flight from Africa to the United States because he knows the identity of the killer. An African mythical figure called a Teliko, a evil spirit of the air, who emerge at night to suck the life and color out of their victims. Scully's investigation finds no evidence of a pathogen affecting any of the victims. When a young black student disappears from a bus stop, they are able to arrest a suspect, Samuel Aboah, a recent immigrant from Africa. Hospital tests reveal he does not have a pituitary gland and Mulder theorizes that the Teliko are not spirits, but members of a lost African Tribe who lack a pituitary gland and have survived over the years by taking what then need from others.

4x05: The Field Where I Died ~ Air Date - November 3, 1996

The Temple of the Seven Stars, a religious cult in Apison Tennessee who believe in reincarnation, are brought to the attention of the FBI after an informant calls with accusations of child abuse and weapons stockpiling. Fearing another Waco, the FBI raid the cult's compound, but do not find any weapons. They also can not find the religious cult's charismatic leader, Vernon Ephesian. Mulder acting on impulse searches a nearby field and discovers Vernon and his six wives about to commit suicide in a hidden bunker. Mulder finds himself strangely drawn to one of the wives, Melissa. The two agents take the cult members in to custody, but with no evidence of weapons of child abuse, they only have one day to interrogate them. Melissa it turns out is the informant who called the FBI and appears to suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder. It is one of her personalities that telephoned the FBI, but Mulder believe there might be more to it than that; it could be evidence of past lives. Melissa changes to another identity, that of an American Civil War nurse Sarah Kavanaugh, she claims that she watched her fiancee, Sullivan Biddle, die in the field where Mulder found Vernon and his wives and that it was Mulder in a previous life. Mulder undergoes regression hypnosis and seems to confirm Melissa's account, however Melissa does not believe Mulder and refuses to co-operate. She is released along with Vernon and his other wives and is later found among the dead in the cult's mass suicide.

4x06: Sanguinarium ~ Air Date - November 10, 1996

When Dr. Lloyd, a plastic surgeon at the Greenwood Memorial Hospital's Aesthetic Surgery Unit in Chicago, goes crazy during a liposuction procedure and kills his patient, he claims it is a case of demonic possession. Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate and interview Dr. Lloyd. Scully believes that Dr. Lloyd's sleeping pill addiction caused a psychotic episode. However, when Mulder discovers evidence of a pentagram, an occult symbol of protection, on the floor of the operating room he realizes that someone is trying to protect the patients. When a second surgeon kills a patient and the pentagram symbol is discovered once more, the investigation narrows in on Nurse Waite. Dr. Franklin informs Mulder and Scully that Nurse Waite was working at the hospital ten years before when there was a spate of similar murders. Mulder and Scully go to interview Nurse Waite at her house and they discover that her house is full of symbols and objects from the occult, but Nurse Waite is not at home. Mulder and Scully are called to Dr Franklin's house when it appears that Nurse Waite has attacked him with a knife. But before she can explain to them, she begins to regurgitate thousands of needles and dies. This leads to the conclusion that she is responsible for the deaths at the hospital. But Mulder believes that she was just trying to protect the patients, and his suspicions fall on Dr. Franklin, who was also present at the hospital ten years earlier when the first series of deaths took place.

4x07: Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man ~ Air Date - November 17, 1996

Agents Mulder and Scully meet with Frohike at the Lone Gunamn offices. Frohike informs them about the secret past of the mysterious Cigarette Smoking Man, who has been one step ahead of them through out their time on the X-files. Frohike tells them what he has learned. The Cigarette Smoking Man was orphaned as a baby after the death of his communist father by electrocution and his mother from lung cancer. He joined the army where he became friends with a young Bill Mulder, until he was recruited by a shadowy conspiracy working within the government whilst an Army Captain. He was involved in the assassination of both John F Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., both icons of hope for their generation. The Cigarette Smoking Man quickly becomes a powerful player in the shadowy world he inhabits, always striving to remain hidden in the shadows. He worked along side Deep Throat, who would later become Mulder's first contact within the conspiracy. Together they were witness to or have a hand in many world events and were the first people in the US to carry out the murder of an extraterrestrial biological entity, the sole survivor of a UFO crash on US soil. Working with a vengeance to conceal the truth at any cost, the Cigarette Smoking Man found a purpose to his otherwise empty life. Shadowing Mulder and Scully in their work on the X-files, could it be that they too are ultimately a part of the Cigarette Smoking Man's sinister plans?

4x08: Paper Hearts ~ Air Date - December 15, 1996

Mulder is haunted by a series of vivid dreams that leads him to the location of the buried body of a murdered girl with a heart shape cut out of her clothing. Mulder recognizes the M.O. of the crime as matching murders carried out by serial killer John Lee Roche, whom Mulder profiled in one of his first cases with the FBI. Between the years of 1979 to 1990 Roche, a vacuum cleaner salesman abducted thirteen young girls, strangled them and cut heart shaped material from their clothes which he kept as trophies. When the body is identified as Addie Sparks, who went missing in 1975, it seems to indicate that Roche's killing spree started earlier that previously thought. Roche's heart shaped trophies were never recovered so the exact number of victims remained unknown. Mulder has another dream which leads him to Roche's paper heart trophies hidden in his old car. There are sixteen hearts indicating two more victims unaccounted for. Mulder and Scully question Roche about the remaining two victims and Roche hints that Mulder's sister Smanatha was one of his victims. Mulder goes to see his mother and finds evidence that Roche sold her a vacuum cleaner in 1973, just before Samantha disappeared. Mulder questions Roche once more and strikes him when he refuses to co-operate further. Assistant Director Skinner orders Mulder off the case. But as Mulder begins to doubt his recollections of his sister's abduction he is driven to find the truth about what happened to his sister.

4x09: Tunguska ~ Air Date - November 24, 1996

Mulder receives an anonymous tip about a right wing militia group planning an Oklahoma style bombing. The informant turns out to be Alex Krycek, rescued from the missile silo by the militia group. Krycek manages to persuade Mulder that he wants revenge on the Cigarette Smoking Man and can help bring down the shadowy syndicate of which he is part. Despite his personal loathing of Krycek and his belief that Krycek killed his father, Mulder reluctantly accepts his co-operation. Krycek directs Mulder and Scully to intercept a Russian courier's parcel, which turns out to contain a 4 billion year old extraterrestrial rock. Scully takes the rock off to be tested, but when a government exobiologist drills in to the rock, he is attacked by the black oil. The Well-Manicured Man is shocked to hear that Mulder has the rock and orders the Cigarette Smoking Man to recover it. Mulder takes Krycek to Assistant Director Skinner's apartment for 'safe' keeping while he seeks out his UN contact Marita Covarrubias who informs him that the Russian courier's destination was Tunguska. Mulder recognizes it as the scene of a massive explosion when a fireball crashed there in 1908. The Russian courier breaks in to Skinner's apartment and is killed by Krycek, forcing Mulder to take Krycek, who speaks Russian with him to Tunguska. As Scully and Skinner face a congressional investigation over the death of the courier, Mulder and Krycek are captured and imprisoned in a Russian Gulag. Part One of Two

4x10: Terma ~ Air Date - December 1, 1996

Mulder and Krycek are held in the Russia Gulag, but Krycek talks in Russian with one of the guards and is released from the cell. The prisoner in the next cell speaks English and tells Mulder that Krycek addressed the guard as a superior. Mulder discovers that the prisoners are being used as Guinea-pigs by the Russian to create an antidote to the black oil. Mulder swears to the prisoner that he will live long enough to kill Krycek. The prisoner is impressed by Mulder's spirit and gives him a hand made knife, which Mulder uses to escape taking Krycek prisoner at the same time. A former KGB assassin, Peskow is brought out of retirement and travels to the US to kill the Well-Manicured Man's physician Dr. Charne-Sayre, who was in charge of the Conspiracy's own black oil antidote experiments being carried out in retirement homes in Florida. Back in Washington, Scully and Assistant Director Skinner testify to a Senate Subcommittee hearing, but the Cigarette Smoking Man is pulling the strings, and the hearing focuses on the whereabouts of Agent Mulder, not the origin of the extra terrestrial black oil. Unwilling to reveal Mulder's location, Scully is jailed for contempt of Congress. Mulder turns up at the next Senate hearing and Scully persuades the Senate to adjourn the hearing until further evidence can be presented. But Peskow is one step ahead of the two agents and they can do nothing as the evidence is systematically destroyed. Part Two of Two

4x11: El Mundo Gira ~ Air Date - January 12, 1997

Mulder and Scully investigate when a young Mexican woman, Maria Dorantes is found dead in a Migrant Workers Camp in the San Janqui Valley. Eyewitnesses report three loud booms, a blinding light and a sudden downpour of hot yellow rain just before Maria's body was discovered. Evidence that Mulder recognizes as Fortean events, strange occurrences often linked to alien encounters. One witness an elderly woman, Flakita believes El Chupacabra, a hairless creature from Mexican folklore is responsible. Scully is skeptical especially when it turns out that Maria was involved in a love triangle with two brothers, Eladio and Soledad Buente. Scully believes that one of the brothers killed Maria out of jealousy, until she autopsies Maria's body and finds it covered in a green fungal growth. Mulder interviews Soledad, who blames the killing on his brother Eladio, who has been missing since Maria's death. With the help of immigration agent Lozano, Mulder manages to track down Eladio. He has been taken in to custody by the Immigration service. Eladio is segregated from the other immigrants as they are fearful of him, believing him to be El Chupacabra. On questioning, Eladio denies killing Marita. Scully informs Mulder that Maria was killed by a fungal infection which seems to clear Eladio of blame. However, Eladio escapes from custody and goes on the run. As Mulder tracks him, he discovers more fungus covered bodies and begins to wonder if the fungus is extraterrestrial in origin.

4x12: Kaddish ~ Air Date - February 16, 1997

When Jewish man, Isaac Luria, is beaten to death by three youths in his market store in Brooklyn in what appears to be a hate-killing, his fiancee and her father mourn his death in traditional fashion. However, following his funeral one of the young men who attacked him, Tony Oliver is found strangled hinting at a possible revenge attack in a racial tense neighborhood. However, only Luria's finger prints are found on the body. Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate whether vigilantes are to blame, or if it is the work of some higher force. They trace anti-Semitic pamphlets to Curt Brunjes, the owner of a local copy shop in the area and tell him about Oliver's death and the rumors that Luria has risen from the grave to avenge his death. Unbeknownst to them, the two other youths involved in Luria's death, Tony Banks and Clinton Macguire are listening in the back room. That night they dig up Luria's body to make sure he is dead, Banks opens the coffin and finds Luria's body inside, but as he turns to tell Macguire, he finds him lying dead on the ground. Mulder and Scully visit the scene and Mulder finds a book under Luria's head which bursts in to flames. They questions a Jewish intellectual about the book, which it turns out to be a book on Jewish mysticism and should not have been buried with the body. Mulder discovers details in the book about the Jewish myth of a Golem, a living being made of earth brought to life by a righteous man. Could a Golem be responsible for the revenge attacks?

4x13: Never Again ~ Air Date - February 2, 1997

When Philadelphia resident Ed Jerse's marriage is annulled by a judge, he drowns his sorrows in a seedy bar. Under the influence of alcohol, he has a Betty Page like tattoo with the words 'never again' done on his arm. But the following day he begins to hear a woman's voice taunting him, which lands him in trouble at work and culminates in him attacking and murdering the woman who lives in the apartment below him. Meanwhile, Mulder not having taken any holiday in four years is forced by the FBI to take a week off or face loosing pay. This leaves Scully in charge of the X-files. But Scully is angry at Mulder when he dumps the surveillance of a Russian man, who claims to have evidence of UFO's, in her lap. Despite telling Mulder she would not, Scully travels to Philadelphia and tails the Russian around town, soon realizing that he is just an extortionist, who knows nothing about any UFO's. She follows him in to a tattoo parlor and meets Ed Jerse trying to get his tattoo removed. The pair connect and a relationship blossoms. They go out for a drink in a seedy bar and Scully has her own tattoo done as a form of rebellion. She spends the night at Ed's apartment, in the morning two detectives call and inform Scully that the woman from the apartment below has been murdered. Scully questions Ed who confides in her about the voice he hears. Scully believes the voice is a hallucination brought on by a chemical in the tattoo ink and tries to get Ed to take control before he kills again.

4x14: Leonard Betts ~ Air Date - January 26, 1997

When Emergency Medical Technician Leonard Betts is decapitated in a road traffic accident involving his ambulance and a truck on the streets of Philadelphia, his headless corpse disappears from the Monongahela Medical Center. Mulder and Scully are brought in to investigate the disappearance of his body. Scully believes that someone took the corpse to sell to an unscrupulous medical supplier. But security camera footage appears to show Leonard Betts' body with a distortion around the head walking out of the hospital. They find Leonard Betts' head in the hospital's bio-disposal unit and Scully performs an autopsy on it, during which the eyes suddenly open. After tissue samples from the head reveal it was riddled with cancer, so much so that Leonard Betts should have been dead long before he was decapitated. Mulder begins to theorize that Leonard Betts could be mankind's next evolutionary step, some how incorporating cancer in to his body structure giving him amazing regenerative capabilities. Scully marvels at Mulder's theory that Leonard Betts has simply grown a new head. However, evidence emerges that Leonard Betts is indeed whole again and working at another hospital, further evidence seems to indicate that he is ingesting cancerous tissue, that his job gives him ready access to, in order to survive. As the agents close in on Leonard Betts, he has to find other sources of cancerous tissue. He targets Scully explaining that she has something he needs.

4x15: Memento Mori ~ Air Date - February 9, 1997

Mulder is called to the Holy Cross Memorial Hospital in Washington and Scully tells him that she has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her nasal cavity. The tumor is inoperable and if it continues to grow, the chance of survival is slim. Scully then wants to investigate a group of female abductee's she met before in Pennsylvania who had also contracted cancer after having implants similar to Scully's removed one. The two agents travel to the home of Betsy Hagopian, only to find that she died two weeks earlier. While searching the house, they realize that someone is accessing computer files by phone. The call is traced and a man, Kurt Crawford is taken into custody. He claims to be part of the same UFO network as Betsy, and that he was copying the files before the government destroyed them. He also tells them that all, but one of the abductees have died of cancer. Scully visits the last living abductee, Penny Northern in hospital, where her doctor, Dr. Scanlon appears to have isolated the cause of the cancer. Scully books into the hospital for treatment and her mother, Margaret, joins her for support. Mulder visits Assistant Director Skinner as he wants to get in contact with the Cigarette Smoking Man, who Mulder believes knows about Scully's condition and can help her. But Skinner tells him that the Cigarette Smoking Man only deals in lies. Mulder enlists the help of the Lone Gunman to break in to a fertility clinic where all of the abductees were treated in a hope to find a cure for Scully.

4x16: Unrequited ~ Air Date - February 23, 1997

When Lieutenant General MacDougal is killed in the back of his limousine, his driver is suspected, especially after he is linked to a Paramilitary group called the Right Hand. But the driver maintains his innocence and is cleared of blame when lab tests results reveal he had not fired a weapon. With a number of high ranking military officials due in for a re-dedication ceremony at the Vietnam War Memorial, Assistant Director Skinner assigns Mulder and Scully to investigate the Right Hand group and its leader, Denny Markham, for complicity in the General's murder. Markham gives the two agents a photograph of a Green Beret, Nathaniel Teager, captured by the Vietcong in 1971, freed by Markham's group in 1995 who then disappeared after US Government commandos attempted to kidnap him. Mulder discovers that MacDougal along with another General Steffan signed Teager's death certificate. Concerned that Teager maybe targeting Steffan, Mulder arranges for two FBI agents to protect him. However, Teager manages to slip by the agents and kills Steffan in his office in the Pentagon. Skinner is outraged especially when Teager's shadowy image is caught on security camera. Mulder believes that Teager has learned from his captures the ability to hide himself from a person's field of vision. When Mulder's contact, Marita Covarrubias, informs him that the government has sanctioned Teager to kill the generals. The race is on to stop a seemingly unstoppable assassin.

4x17: Tempus Fugit ~ Air Date - March 16, 1997

While celebrating Scully's birthday at the Headless Woman's Pub in Washington, Scully and Mulder are approached by Sharon Graffia, the sister of Max Fenig, the UFO abductee they met in Wisconsin whilst investigating a reputed UFO crash site and subsequent military clean up operation. She explains that Max was a passenger on flight 549 that crashed two hours earlier. Max had asked her to contact Mulder and Scully if anything ever happened to him. Mulder and Scully join the National Transportation Safety Board's Go Team investigating the cause of the crash. The Cockpit Voice Recording recovered from the plane's black box seems to indicate that the plane was intercepted. Mulder puts forward the theory that the plane was forced down, but the NTSB officials prefer to examine the evidence before making conclusions. Mulder and Scully join the NSTB team as they travel to the crash site in Albany to comb through the wreckage. Mulder confronted with an apparent time discrepancy between the official time of the crash and the time displayed on the passengers watches, suspect the involvement of a UFO. A theory given more credit, when a survivor is found who, Scully concludes has been exposed to radiation from some unknown source. Mulder believes that Max was abducted from the plane while in flight, but something went wrong causing the plane and the UFO to crash. Mulder discovers the UFO crash site at the bottom of the Great Sacandaga Lake. Part One of Two

4x18: Max ~ Air Date - March 23, 1997

As the investigation in to the cause of the crash of flight 549 continues, Mulder is taken into military custody while inspecting the second crash site at the bottom of Lake Sacandaga. There he discovered the wreckage of a crashed UFO. Meanwhile in Washington, Assistant Director Skinner tells Scully that Louis Frish, a US airforce air traffic controller who was helping them with the their investigation, is to be charged with providing false evidence and suspicion of murder. The Airforce claim that Frish made an error in judgement which resulted in a military jet colliding with flight 549. Mulder released by the military returns to Washington with the theory that the airforce dispatched a jet that shot down the UFO which intercepted flight 549 and inadvertently caused the plane to spin out of control and crash. Records reveal that Sharon Graffia is not Max Fenig's sister, but a fellow patient from his mental institution. Mulder and Scully search Max's mobile home for clues and discover a video tape of Max's claiming that he had actual physical evidence that the military is using technology from recovered UFOs. Mulder believes that Max had the physical evidence with him on the plane and that was the source of the radiation and the reason that he was abducted from the plane. Mulder traces a piece of the evidence Max was talking about to his luggage in Syracuse airport. Mulder boards a flight back to Washington with the evidence, but the plane is intercepted in flight. Part Two of Two

4x19: Synchrony ~ Air Date - April 13, 1997

As Jason Nichols and Lucas Menand, two researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology argue in the street, an elderly man approaches them and warns Lucas that he will be knocked down by a bus at 11.46 pm. Campus security arrest the elderly man for harassing them. Moments later, Lucas steps in to the road and is hit by a bus. Jason Nichols notes that the time is exactly 11.46 pm. Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate after the Campus Security guard who arrested the elderly man is found frozen to death. They interview Jason Nichols, who tells them that he was arguing with Lucas because he was going to go public with an accusation that Jason had falsified data on his research paper. Dr. Yonechi, a Japanese researcher is met by the same elderly man at the airport and is later found frozen in his hotel room. Scully finds evidence that he was injected with an unidentified chemical compound. A compound that another MIT researcher, Lisa Ianelli recognizes as a freezing agent currently being engineered by Jason Nichols, but it has not been invented yet. She also admits that Jason is protecting her as she falsified the data in the research paper. They trace the elderly man to a hotel room and find a photograph of Jason, Lisa and Dr. Yonechi celebrating, which Mulder believes was taken on the day that the freezing agent was invented five years in the future. It appears that the elderly man is using technology from the future to change the present and thus alter the future.

4x20: Small Potatoes ~ Air Date - April 20, 1997

After expectant mother Amanda Nelligan gives birth to a baby with a four inch tail in Martinsburg, West Virginia. It is the latest of five such births in a city of less than 15,000 people. Scully believes that the local environment may be the cause of the birth defects. After interviewing Amanda, who claims the baby's father is Luke Skywalker, Scully discovers that the five children born with tails share the same father. She also finds that the five women share the same fertility specialist, Dr. Alton Pugh. At Dr. Pugh's office, they find several couples confronting him about the births. Mulder encounters a janitor with a scar at the base of his spine, Eddie Van Blundht, who tries to run away, but is taken into custody. Tests reveal that Eddie is the father of all five children, but the mothers claim to have slept with no one, but their husbands. Scully believes Eddie used the date rape drug, Rohypnol, to impregnate the women leaving them with no knowledge of the events. Eddie is resentful of the implication that he would have to drug the woman to have sexual relations with them. After Eddie escapes from custody by morphing himself in to a double of a police office, Mulder theorizes that Eddie has the ability to change his form. A trait which Mulder hypothesizes he used to make the four women thing he was their husband and Amanda Melligan that he was Luke Skywalker. Eddie manages to overcome Mulder and takes his place, returning with Scully to Washington. But will Scully notice the difference in time?

4x21: Zero Sum ~ Air Date - April 24, 1997

When Jane Brody, a mail sorter with a delivery company is killed by a swarm of bees, Detective Ray Thomas e-mails details to Agent Mulder. But Assistant Director Skinner intercepts it and deletes the file. He travels to Virginia to incinerate Jane Brody's body and, posing as, Mulder swaps a vial of Jane Brody's blood with another sample. He is met by Detective Ray Thomas, who thinks he is Mulder and tells him that there is not enough evidence to warrant an investigation. The clean up operation completed, Skinner returns to Washington only to have Mulder pay him an unexpected visit explaining that someone is covering up the details about the bee attack and the death of Detective Ray Thomas. Skinner is shocked to hear that the Detective is dead, he meets the Cigarette Smoking Man and accuses him of killing Ray Thomas. Later it is revealed that Ray Thomas was killed with a government issue gun, Skinner realizes his own gun is missing and that he is being framed. When a photograph shows Skinner with Ray Thomas, Mulder accuses him of working with the Cigarette Smoking Man from the beginning. He denies this claiming that he did not follow his advice to Mulder about making a deal with the Cigarette Smoking Man in return for a cure for Scully's cancer. Mulder makes contact with Marita Covarrubias to find out what she knows about Skinner. She turns to the Cigarette Smoking Man who is with her and he tells her to tell Mulder what he wants to hear.

4x22: Elegy ~ Air Date - May 4, 1997

When Angie Pintero, the owner of a bowling alley discovers the body of an injured girl caught inside a pinspotter carriage, he rushes outside to get help only to discover a crowd gathered around the lifeless body of the same girl he saw inside. Mulder and Scully interview Angie about the incident, Mulder arrives at the conclusion that Angie encountered the dead girl's ghost. This is the latest of three such encounters resulting in three dead girls being found in as many weeks. The only clues in the latest incident are, the phrase 'She is me' scratched in to the wax surface of the bowling alley lane where Angie encountered the spirit. And an anonymous phone call to the local police about the latest victim using the same phrase. The agents trace the source of the call to the New Horizen Psychiatric Center and to a mentally disturbed patient Harold Spuller who fits Scully's profile of the killer as a compulsive person with a desire to organize. Mulder, however, believes that the apparitions are the key to the case. Scully goes to the wash room to deal with her nose bleed and sees the apparition of a young woman. Moments later, Mulder calls her, another victim has been found, it turns out to be the woman that Scully saw in the washroom. Mulder interviews Harold and realizes that he knew all of the victims from the bowling alley. Harold sees the ghost of Angie, moments later they find him dead from a heart attack. Mulder theorizes that only those near death themselves are able to see the apparitions.

4x23: Demons ~ Air Date - May 11, 1997

After a vivid vision from his childhood of his mother and father arguing, Mulder wakes in a motel covered in blood with no memory of how he got there. He telephones Scully who drives to the motel to help him. Scully discovers that two rounds have been fired from Mulder's gun, but he has no recollection of firing his weapon. Scully traces the owners of a car parked outside Mulder's room and they travel to the home of David and Amy Cassandra, only to find them both shot dead. Blood from the two victims match the blood on Mulder's shirt and he is taken in to custody by the local police, but is later released when evidence concludes that the Cassandra's were involved in a murder-suicide. Traces of the anaesthetic Ketamine is found in Mulder's blood, which Scully realizes could account for his memory loss. It turns out that Amy was an alien abductee, who was undergoing treatment by a local psychiatrist, Dr. Goldstein, to recover memories using an unconventional therapy to stimulate electronic impulses in the brain. Mulder again has a vision this time about the relationship between his mother and the Cigarette Smoking Man. As Mulder confronts his mother accusing her of choosing his sister, Samantha, to be abducted instead of him. Scully tries to explain to Mulder that it is the drugs affecting his mind and that his memories can not be trusted. Mulder realizes he was being treated by Dr. Goldstein too and in a desperate attempt to discover the truth, he returns to finish his treatment.

4x24: Gethesmane ~ Air Date - May 18, 1997

When two anthropologists, Arlinsky and Babcock, find an alien preserved in ice at the summit of a mountain in Canada, they ask for Mulder and Scully's help in verifying the alien's remains. As Mulder goes with Arlinksy to collect the alien, Scully examines the ice core taken from the same location. Shortly thereafter, Scully is assaulted and thrown down a flight of stairs. Finger prints from the stairwell are matched to a Pentagon researcher Michael Kritschgau, who Scully identifies as the person who attacked her. She confronts him in an underground garage and arrests him, but Kritschgau warns Scully that if he goes to jail, the same people who gave her cancer will kill him. Mulder and Arlinsky take the alien body to a warehouse to perform an autopsy. Scully contacts Mulder there and arranges for him to meet Kritschgau. He tells Mulder that the alien is a fake, that he was only meant to see the body to believe the lie. That it is all an elaborate hoax by the government to divert attention away from itself. Mulder accused Kritschgau of lying, but Scully explains to Mulder, that the people behind the hoax, gave her cancer to make him believe their lies. This realization stuns Mulder. Later Scully is called to Mulder's apartment, where she identifies a body. The next day Scully appears in front of a group of FBI officials lead by Section Chief Blevins, she informs them that Mulder was found dead in his apartment, the apparent victim of a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head. Part One of Three