About the Show

Running from Friday September 10, 1993 to Sunday May 19, 2002, The X-Files entertained viewers with over two hundred episodes and has marked its place in American television.

The program primarily followed the investigations of Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they researched paranormal crimes. The agents investigated federal crimes that revolved around anything from bigfoot and ghosts to government conspiracies involving the existence of extraterrestrial life. Whether it was chilling, jocose, or even satirical, The X-Files captivated audiences world wide and it has become not only a social icon, but also one of the world's most popular and successful science fiction dramas on television.

Emmy Awards

  • 2001
    • Outstanding Makeup for a Series for episode DeadAlive
  • 2000
  • 1999
  • 1998
  • 1997
    • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Gillian Anderson
    • Outstanding Art Direction for a Series for episode Memento Mori
    • Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series for episode Tempus Fugit
  • 1996
    • Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series to Peter Boyle for episode Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
    • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing for a Drama Series to Darin Morgan for episode Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
    • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Cinematography for a series for episode Grotesque
    • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Sound Editing for a Series for episode Nisei
    • Outstanding individual Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Drama Series for episode Nisei
  • 1994
    • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Graphic Design and Title Sequences for The X-Files

Golden Globe Awards

  • 1998 - Best TV Series (Drama)
  • 1997 - Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series (Drama) to David Duchovny
  • 1997 - Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series (Drama) to Gillian Anderson
  • 1997 - Best TV Series (Drama)
  • 1995 - Best TV Series (Drama)

Things to come: Nielson Ratings; Reviews of each season of the show

The X-Files: a review

It made us root for characters, both good and evil. It made us glance at our neighbor with a little scrutiny. It made us look at the night sky, filled with wonder. It made us wish for Mulder and Scully true victory. The X-Files: television at its finest.

When it is all over; when all is said and done; when television and all conventional thought have somehow converged in the future, The X-Files will still be one of the greatest shows ever created. One can see small parts of the show in popular culture today: Mulder and Scully gave viewers their first in depth crime scene investigations, the duo showed how strangers can become the best of friends over time and experience, and it was The X-Files that brought the idea of government conspiracies out of the dark recesses of the paranoid few and into the minds of the vast majority. Agent Mulder showed conspiracy theorists and the relatively geeky alike, that one can be brilliant and fantastically hot all at the same time. Agent Scully gave television one of its first truly pragmatic women and was the quintessential spokesperson for "Girl Power." Some watched to be frightened, others watched to be intrigued. Some came for the beautiful people, others came because the truth is really out there.

Male or female, young or old; everyone could find something he or she could love about The X-Files. There were always stories to be revealed, characters to be developed and questions to be answered. Would Agent Mulder ever find out what happened to his sister? Whose side was AD Skinner actually supporting? What happened to Agent Scully when she was "taken?" How could the Cancerman smoke so many cigarettes and not burst into flame? Would Mulder and Scully ever fall in love…and do something about it? What was the truth?

Whether one lusted after Mulder, desired to be Scully, or simply enjoyed having a thoroughly frightening on-screen adventure, The X-Files is the epitome of television at its finest. The actors held a perfect chemistry in each and every episode, the writing was always flawless and there was a steady stream of memorable characters to bring the audiences cheering on their feet or hiding beneath blankets. If it was not the threat of alien colonization that had one worried, the fear of flexible, liver-eating men stalking from storm drains or human-fluke worm mutants splashing in sewers or amorphous entities shrouding themselves as one’s greatest fear, would definitely do the trick.

While all good things must unfortunately come to an end, The X-Files will forever have its fans asking for more, shouting "I Want to Believe!" from the tops of their lungs. The X-Files: Nine years of perfection in television.

The show and I

I saw my first episode of The X-Files (Fallen Angel) when I was only nine years old. As it terrified me to no end, I vowed to never watch it again. A year later (after watching Die Hand Die Verletzt), I began watching the show every week without fail when I was a youngster of ten years old. For the next six years, the show was my absolute obsession taking height when I was about thirteen or fourteen. I loved the weekly monsters and the relationship that existed between the partners, but most of all, looking up all the things the show mentioned yet I did not understand, especially the vocabulary (I got an A on a paper in the eighth grade for using "obfuscate" and using it correctly). The most fun came when I began my collegiate coursework and learned about things like the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, the homeotic hox gene or the fact that I got a chance to perform a Southern Blot, just like Agent Scully!

With the beginning of season eight, the obsession began to wane. Whether it was because I was growing up and was losing interest or the fact there was very little of Mr. Duchovny or that the show's glory days had passed or perhaps all three, I found myself no longer having my "Sunday Night Hour of Zen." I confess that while I did watch a majority of the eighth season (there was definitely an episode or two that I missed, including that one with Mulder and Doggett and some boat), I watched very little of the ninth (the first, the last, the one with Scully and William and the one about The Brady house).

Sometime during the summer between the third and fourth seasons, I decided to begin taping the show, starting with Quagmire, which was at the time, my favorite episode. As a kid, I found it necessary to "have" every single episode. I succeeded in this venture, having finally acquired the three episodes from the first season I missed the first time they were rerun, and then the format changed. I have since then purchased the first seven seasons on DVD and continue to watch my favorites often. I encourage everyone to do the same, for one could never know how fantastic this show was until one revisits it.

The X-Files has been such a part of my life, I cannot think of a time when I did not daydream about a Mulder-Scully adventure. From drawing logos on my book covers in the sixth grade to writing novel-length fan fiction, The X-Files has literally shaped the person I am today, and while my own goals no longer lie on the path of becoming an FBI Agent, I have set myself in a position where applying to the FBI as a specialist is not out of my reach. Whether or not I will mention my childhood obsession remains to be seen.

I first created this website sometime around 1999 or 2000, I cannot remember which at this point, and have held onto it throughout the years. While my initial goal with this site was to provide the world with the most up-to-date information on the show, I keep it now as a vigil to my childhood and teen years, and provide a place for anyone to come and remember what was once the greatest phenomenon on television or discover it for the first time.

Other Important Information

My site is somewhat selective in its The X-Files content....

True that the title of this site denotes nine years of perfect television, I must say that I do not feel that that is completely accurate. I am what I like to refer to as a The X-Files Purist, meaning that the show exists for me only during those first seven seasons. Although my episode guide is complete for all nine seasons, most things pertaining to the show will only include characters, information, etc. from the first seven seasons. This site focuses on fan-fiction, events, etc. regarding the first seven seasons.

This site also focuses solely on the show, meaning the characters and storylines. I have included some minor information about David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, and a few other actors who performed in the first seven seasons, but that is it. If one is looking for an obsessive haven on Mr. Duchovny or Ms. Anderson, this is not the place. If one is looking for information about Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish or Cary Elwes (who was apparently on the show, to what extent I'll never know), this is not the place.

My love for the show stemmed from its brilliantly written and performed episodes, specifically those of the non-mythology realm. The mythology refers to those episodes regarding the underlying story. That is, the story about aliens crashing at Roswell, the government cover-up, alien-human hybrids, etc. Personally, this aspect of the show never interested me and one will be hard-pressed to find a lot of information pertaining to the mythology here. I praise amazing performances by the actors and episodes that were created with such splendor, I cannot help but watch again and again. The mythology is what the show surrounds, but a large constituency of the massive audience for the show, watched for the same reasons that I did. We like the people, not the aliens.

Fan-fiction featured on this site, that is anything claimed as written by Dorienne Smith, kaitco or D. Allison Smith, is my property and should not be reproduced or featured elsewhere without my express permission. Also, my personal fan-fiction will not be rated individually as it is not within my responsibility to assume what content is appropriate for any readers. Some stories will include descriptions of violence, others will not. Some stories will include some adult content/language/etc. I can only give my assurances that everything written by me, will be portrayed as an art form. But for those who need some guidance, I will never post stories featuring gratuitous depictions of sexual situations, or excessive "dirty" language. I try to keep the content as what may have been seen on the show.

Images can be used at anyone's disposal, but please do not link to them. Linking to images uses bandwidth which is very expensive. I have, and will continue to ban IP addresses of those who continually link to my images. Please, download them to your own drive and use them to your heart's delight. This is the same situation holds with any sounds featured here.

This site features a number of episodes from the first seven seasons of the series. I will only show seven episodes at any given time; one from each season. I will only have seven episodes uploaded at anytime, and will switch them from time to time. The episodes are for a temporary enjoyment only. Please do not attempt to download the episodes! Please buy the DVDs or videos. Methods for purchasing either can be found on this site here. The episodes featured here have been complied from legally purchased DVDs and are not subject for redistribution. Please do not e-mail me asking for specific episodes, to upload requested episodes or methods of downloading the episodes. Buy the DVDs! They are cheap now!