Alex Krycek

Alex KrycekAlex Krycek wormed his way into Mulder's confindences shortly after Mulder and Scully were separated and the X-Files closed. He played the role of the worshipful junior FBI agent and even adopts some of Mulder's wry wit in attempts to get closer to Mulder. However, his true allegiance emerges when he warns the Cigarette-Smoking Man that separating Mulder and Scully has not stopped their partnership, and that the Cigarette-Smoking Man has underestimated Agent Scully as a danger to their secrets. He is instrumental in Agent Scully's abduction and her abductor, and once his treachery was exposed, he disappears from the Bureau, only to become a greater threat than ever as he goes underground. He murders Mulder's father, frames Mulder for it, and was an accessory to the murder of Scully's sister in a botched attempt on Agent Scully's life. After completing some of his bidding, the Cigarette-Smoking Man tries to have Krycek killed. He escapes the trap, vowing vengeance, and leaves the country with vital information of US government involvement with extraterrestrial visitation cover-ups. Later, he appears to be a Russian double agent with a different from his former boss, but eventually finds himself back in good terms with the Well-Manicured Man and the rest of the Consortium, bringing with him a new virus caused by nanomachines which he uses to gain a personal hold over AD Skinner. After working for him "enthusiastically," Krycek takes his revenge on a wheelchair-bound Cigarette-Smoking Man by pushing him down a flight of stairs. He is later killed by Skinner after performing another series of dark deeds.

Deep Throat

Deep ThroatElusive, mysterious and sometimes duplicitous, Deep Throat was Mulder's original source of information. He was a friend of Mulder's father, and a high ranking member of the Consortium. Like Mr. Mulder, Deep Throat's consience eventually got the better of him. It is for that reason that he decided that to make the truth be known, through his old friend's son. However, Deep Throat also believed that some truths should remain secret for the good of the people, and consequently came into conflict with Mulder now and again. He obviously knew as much about Mulder's work as Mulder did, and admitted to watching him for a long time from "his lofty position". Deep Throat dangled tidbits of information before Mulder and Scully to entice them into cases that they might otherwise overlook, to draw them along lines of inquiry that might be disregarded, and sometimes to divert their attention from areas he wished them not to see. He rarely answered a question directly, and when he did, it was always on his own terms. When Mulder was kidnapped, Deep Throat knew that the Consortium did it in an attempt to smoke out a security leak. Nevertheless, he sacrificed himself for his protege.

Mr. X

Mr. XMr. X, an acquaintance of Deep Throat, was even more mysterious than his predecessor. Mulder met this secretive man after Deep Throat was killed. Mr. X assisted Mulder because he felt he owed a debt to Deep Throat. However, Mr. X was far less reliable than his predecessor. He worked on the Consortium's clean-up operations, and did not want to be discovered, so he only helped Mulder when it was convienient for him. He eventually took an even more active role, stepping out of the shadows to intervene directly in Scully and Mulder's case, spiriting away key figures right under Mulder's nose. Mulder, angry at Mr. X's apparent bipartisan loyalty, told him he wanted nothing more to do with the man. Mr. X warned him: "You're choosing a dangerous time to go it alone." Eventually, Mulder, having no other sources to whom to turn, recognized that he, indeed, needed Mr. X as a source. Mr. X's downfall came that he took surveilance photos of the Cigarette-Smoking Man and Mulder's mother, and showed them to Mulder. When a mole in the FBI acquired the photos and sent them to the First Elder, a trap was set, resulting in Mr. X being shot in Mulder's apartment, but he was able to point Mulder to another contact before he died.

Marita Covarrubias

Marita CovarrubiasMarita Covarrubias, woman who worked as Special Representative to the Secretary General of the United Nations, was found by Mulder from a tip from Mr. X. Based in New York City, Mulder was directed to her by Mr. X. Mulder finds her because Mr. X writes "SRSG" as his parting message (written in his own blood). He spends ages visiting every one of the SRSGs, and the one he leaves to last turns out to be the one with the information. While Mr. X and Deep Throat were sometimes working to keep secrets even as they pretended to be sincere in their attempts to help Mulder, they seemed to at least be working against the wishes of the Consortium. Marita, however, was working for the Cigarette-Smoking Man and was seen asking Cigarette-Smoking Man what she should tell Mulder when he approaches her. She is told to "tell Mulder whatever he wants to hear". She helped Mulder in some of his cases by obtaining information and documents for him, but performing the Consortium's work, nonetheless. She has tests with the black oil performed on her and was later cured by Krycek's latest devices. Unlike with the other mysterious informants, Mulder knew a lot about her, including her address, however he did not know of her true allegiances.

The Well-Manicured Man

The Well-Manicured ManA British member of the Consortium, the Well-Manicured Man held a position in the consortium higher than that of the Cigarette-Smoking Man and the First Elder. Tall, grey-haired, poised and impeccably tailored, he appeared to hold the whip hand in the band of master puppeteers who meet behind the brick facade of the club on West 46th Street in New York City. He is quite open about his willingness to lie, manipulate or even kill to protect his secrets, with the suave arrogance of a man who fears absolutely no power -- except the truth. Despite his power in the Consortium, he did not seem to have the stomach for their methods. Seeing the Cigarette-Smoking Man as more of a failure than an asset, he ordered his assassination, but found himself in an unfavorable position when the Cigarette-Smoking Man survived. The Well-Manicured Man seemed to know Alex Krycek rather well, as he trained him as a protege. He often came into conflict with the First Elder and the other Consortium members over their alliance with the aliens that sought to colonize the planet. Most of the consortium members believe that they have to work with the aliens in the hopes of finding their weakness, but the Well-Manicured Man believed that this strategy would not work. Determined to save his family, the Well-Manicured Man gave Mulder the crude vaccine designed to fight the aliens, then, realizing that his life was over as soon as his comrades found out what he had done, took his own life with a car bomb.

Assistant Director/Deputy Director Alvin Kersh

Assistant Director/Deputy Director Alvin KershAssistant Director/Deputy Director Alvin Kersh is the new boss to whom Mulder and Scully are assigned after the X-Files were burned in a fire set by the Cigarette-Smoking Man. He certainly makes no allowances for Mulder and Scully insisting on scrupulous paperwork, and bills them for expenses incurred on unauthorized work. It is never quite clear on whose side Kersh is liased. While the Cigarette-Smoking Man is seen in his office from time to time, he was also seen in Skinner's office long after Skinner was on Mulder and Scully's side. The Cigarette-Smoking Man seems to have certain influence within the FBI, giving him legitimate reasons to do this. The Consortium would have no qualms if his hard nature caused the agents to quit, yet Kersh is an assistant director for the FBI, and it is his job to keep the agents under him in line. Once the X-Files were re-opened, Mulder and Scully no longer reported to him as the X-Files were under Skinner's supervision. Kersh is later promoted to Deputy Director and his first act in his new capacity was sending the ambitious Doggett to the basement, literally as well as figuratively, by saddling him with the X-Files, and keeping him from usurping his authority. In the end, however, Kersh is the one who allows Mulder and Scully escape following Mulder's conviction by a military tribunal.

Special Agent John Doggett

Special Agent John DoggettThe six foot, blue-collar Agent John Doggett joined the FBI from the New York City Police Department, where he served as a Detective in the Fugitive Division's Warrant section in years 1987 to 1995. He graduated on FBI National Academy at Quantico in 1995 and joined Criminal Investigations. Approaching all of his investigations like a doubting cop, he believes that everything can be explained with standard police techniques. After only five years at the Bureau, he is assigned by Deputy Director Kersh to run the task force looking for Mulder and to help Scully. Although he may be set up to fail, Doggett has resigned himself to solve the case. Masters and doctoral degrees in Public Administration from Syracuse University prove Doggett's willingness to conform to the government's blueprint. He is the consummate insider on the fast track to success. Previous to his police work, Doggett held the rank of Sergeant E-5 in the United States Marine Corps' 24th Marine Amphibious Unit and 2nd Marine. From September 1st 1982 to October 10th 1983 he played a role in the Multi-National Peacekeeping Force for Lebanon Development. With six years in the military, he retired with commendations after being wounded in the line of duty. Unlike Scully, who had science as her argument, Doggett is a knee-jerk skeptic. He was married, wife: Barbara, but was divorced because he could not handle the death of his son, Luke, who was murdered at age 7.

Special Agent Monica Reyes

Special Agent Monica ReyesAgent Monica Reyes, adopted by a Mexican family and born and raised in Austin, Texas, majored in the Folklore and Mythology while at Brown University. She earned her bachelors and masters degree in just four years. In 1990, she enrolled in Quantico. There, her investigations were based on satanic ritual abuse. In 1992, she was removed from the New York City field office and transferred to New Orleans, when none of the charges were sustained in one of her major cases. While there, she investigated the murder of John Doggett's son, although no suspect was ever apprehended. Reyes was asked by Agent Doggett to assist him when investigating the disappearance of Agent Fox Mulder. Afterward, she then remained in the X-Files unit in Washington, DC. Agent Reyes' beliefs of satanic ritual and in her ability to feel presences of the spiritual were many times questioned by both Scully and Doggett, however she was of great aid to the X-Files project.

Special Agent Jeffrey Spender

Agent Jeffrey Frank Spender is a young, naive and arrogant FBI agent and a son of the Cigarette-Smoking Man, hostile to Mulder and the paranormal. He is concerned about his reputation, and thinks that any association with Mulder will give him a bad reputation. Fortunately, he had a friend in high places who makes sure that nothing bad is entered on his record as a result of his involvement with Mulder. His mother is Cassandra Spender, a wheelchair bound multiple abductee, who's looking forward to being abducted again. She is the eponymous "Patient X" and is apparently, abducted and later returned to be turned into the first ever successful alien/human hybrid with green blood and miraculous healing abilities. Jeffrey, in his youth, also had a memory of an abduction, but now dismisses it as simply him recycling ideas implanted by his mother. Jeffrey says that his father left when he was 11, and his mother fell to pieces. He blames her abduction fantasy on this mental breakdown. His father still writes to him, hoping for a reconciliation, but Jeffrey returns the letters unopened. The Cigarette-Smoking Man meets Spender, who doesn't recognize him, and reveals that he is his father. He urges Spender not to let his career suffer by having any involvement with Mulder, and says that he can help him up the career ladder in the FBI. However, Spender seems quite happy to do his new-found father's bidding, taking over the X-Files and keeping Mulder away from things. He was shot dead by his father in February 1999.

Special Agent Diana Fowley

Agent Diana Fowley is a former girlfriend of Mulder's and was with him in 1991 when he discovered the X-Files. Having an interest, like Mulder, in parapsychology, Fowley called herself a believer and investigated some cases with Mulder. For some unknown reason (at the time), she took positions in Europe and the middle east, only to return later to Mulder, saying that there were things she "wanted to get back to." "Things" seem to include Mulder, whom she calls Fox, since she muses on how much nicer it would have been for him if he had had a believer as a partner, referring to Scully's constant refusal to outright accept the paranormal. However, she was later found to be a confidant of the Cigarette-Smoking Man, and Scully and the Lone Gunmen discover that while in the middle east, she was visiting various MUFON groups, collecting data on abducted women. She was later murdered when she chose to assist Scully while Mulder was having a sort of psychotic episode.

First Elder

Another member of the secret 'West 46th Street' consortium who is distrustful of the Cigarette-Smoking Man, often seems to be the leader of the group. He feeds false information to Scully and is the one the Cigarette-Smoking Man complains to when he feels left out of Mulder'ssurveillance. He and the Well-Manicured Man order the Cigarette-Smoking Man's assassination. He is also seen trying to get the group back to business when the Cigarette-Smoking Man and the Well-Manicured Man are all too ready to let it dissolve in mutual attacks and shifting of blame. When it comes to handing over a captured rebel alien, he acts unilaterally, not consulting the Well-Manicured Man until after the fact. After the alien rebels kill the whole American branch of the Consortium, he is between the victims.

Margaret Scully

Margaret Scully is Dana Scully's mother. There is steel in this soft-spoken, woman, a will and a determination that lie just below her conventional surface. Her family is everything to Margaret Scully, recently widowed by the death of her husband, Captain William Scully. She combines a motherly concern with a practical domesticity; clearly, she's a woman whose life has been spent as a homemaker and mother. She may have a bit of psychic intuition, however. When Dana is kidnapped, Margaret confesses to Mulder that she had had a premonition about Dana, but was afraid to tell her skeptical daughter. In "One Breath", she sits at the center of a storm when Mulder discovers his partner lying comatose in the hospital; ignoring his rage and the violence of the scene he creates, she focuses entirely on her daughter to the exclusion of all else. She has had certain unexplained perceptions about her daughter [Ascension], leading to indications that Scully herself may be extranormally perceptive [Aubrey]. She appears to be the only person, besides Mulder, that Scully trusts.

Danny Valadeo

The famous Danny is the person Mulder phones to check number plates, provide information, and be generally useful. He is paid with tickets to sporting events. Danny has provided some key information: telling Mulder the meanings of binary drawings; giving Mulder addresses based on phone numbers; looking up personal histories, adoption records, looking for Missing Persons records, running fingerprints and looking up general information.

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